Somewhere in Rotterdam West, beginning of 2019, Kostas and Katerina started recording using just the essential equipment, following a diy approach and exploring intuitively a lo-fi sound which they both found attractive. Electric piano and guitar, many samples from greek tracks from the 30s-50s, whale and birds sounds which they found on the internet, are some of the pieces of the sound collage which is called Kukuraxa. Three years later, Autumn of 2022, they released the outcome of those recordings, uploading their self-titled album Kukuraxa I in Spotify. This is where Antreas Mitrelis discovered the album and it was agreed to go forward with the physical release.

Kostas: I come from Larisa, Greece. After 12 years living in Rotterdam I have moved back to Greece in 2022. As a child I studied classical piano, and from then on I kept playing and writing my own tunes. Before Kukuraxa I have released one EP with Daatura in Bandcamp. I am compulsively listening to new releases and I enjoy playing greek folk music.

Katerina: I live in Rotterdam and I like writing and singing, not necessarily because I am good at it. Before Kukuraxa I used to experiment with my friend Antonis.