Hailing from Athens, MobA true trio sound based basically on drums, bass and saxophone, all mixed with electronic elements simulating an avant-garde/jazz-punk sound, using synthesizers, effects, loops, and drones, along with that lacerate with tonal discrepancies to create their iconic soundscape.

MOb‘ – powered by the crowd, harbors a dynamical system and wave of musical disorder that characterizes their compositions. Their music is carved into a world of melodious electronic jazz, kraut, filmic and exploratory post-punk. The compositions are mainly based on open forms of tonal and non-tonal linear material, while improvisation lends a balance to the production of melodic material and the creation of multifaceted sonic atmospheres.

Their debut album MOb 1 was recorded in Athens during the autumn of 2021 until the spring of 2022. The opening track “Recovering” features vocals by the band’s friend “MC Yinka”, one of the greatest rappers of Greece. Followed by 6 instrumental tracks that move between Jazz, punk, kraut and electronic like 5055. The final track of the album VAG and first single of the album took Airplay on Radio Stations all over the world and was described “They´re three people playing but sounds like a full orchestra of experimentation.”

Title: 1
Artist: MOb
Format: 12″ vinyl LP180g 
Cat. No: VR024
Released: 05/03/2023


MOb’s debut album is a Jazz/ Punk album that moves from free electronic soundscapes through real  bangers. Includes VAG, Otto, Recovering and 5055