A spiritual music journey dedicated to the old village of Mauronoros (Black Mountain) and its people. This village is one of the many villages in Greece that is totally abandoned as a result of the economic crises and cultural changes that Greece faced in the last century. This profound depopulation of the area left behind ruins that echo its past trials and tribulations. However the traditional sounds of the village keep reappearing in urban centers like ghosts that haunt everyday life. This sonic dialogue between “modern” and “traditional”, between   “the peaceful countryside” and ” turbulent urban centers” sometimes looks irrelevant and outdated but is of great consequence. It transports the listener in an unspecified time and place devoid of any cultural and geopolitical connotations and thus leaves them wondering for a freer and more authentic way of life.

Title: Spirits of Mauronoros
Artist: Kolida Babo
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Cat. No: vr037
Released: 27/09/2024


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In their second full-length album Spirits of Mauronoros  set to be released in 27/09/2024  by Veego Records, Kolida Babo revisit an old forgotten place in northern Epirus Greece, near the Greek-Albanian borders.

Limites Edition of 500 copies on 180g vinyl.